Monday, October 31, 2005

I can't believe what the Liberals are doing! (Part 1)

This will be the first of many posts under the title "I can't believe what the Liberals are doing!" There will be many parts to this as each day I find more information that outrages me, frustrates me and makes me want to up my hands in the air and scream "serenity now".

Part 1 has to do with the stripper shortage that has pledged Canada for quite sometime. The Liberals were very willing to solve this problem by offering dancers in Eastern Europe work visas in the exotic industry. However, this program was cancelled when the Sgro scandal unfolded a couple of months ago. We learned that a Romanian exotic dancer who had worked on Sgro's campaign was given preferential treatment in obtaining citizenship. NDP Pat Martin stated "Five successive ministers of immigration have been pimping for the underworld by providing an endless stream of fodder for the underworld of pornography and prostitution under the guise of legitimate dancing."

But what happened after the program was cancelled you ask? The Edmonton Sun reports that the Liberal government is still filling the quota of strippers in Canada. Under old rules, Human Resources and Skills Development Canada would conduct a national labour market opinion that gave a blanket approval for the exotic dancer category. Under the new process, the employer must apply for an individual assessment for each dancer. Temporary work permits can be issued for a few days up to three years, and can be extended if the labour shortage continues. What the hell does that mean?

The Liberals continue to pimp the underworld of these desperately poor countries in Eastern Europe. Now employers in these strip clubs are applying for dancers to work in their bars. They are moving from the desperate situation in their own home countries to another desperate situation in Canada. Thanks Pimp Daddy Martin! Serenity Now!


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