Sunday, October 30, 2005

Problem? What Problem?

The minister of Indian Affairs Andy Scott, appearing on CTV's Question Period, stated over and over again there are no problems with Ontario's Kashechewan First Nation reserve. In fact, he said that they are right on track and have worked on the problem for some time now.

"We've been working on this for a year and a half," Scott said. "It is based on both collaboration with the community and a transformative agenda and I'm optimistic we're going to make a difference." He goes on to state "The reality is that we established a water management strategy, in fact, two years ago. It's in its third year now, and the strategy is on track to eliminate all of the high-risk water systems -- there are over 900 in Canada -- and to reduce the medium-risk water systems to about 90 per cent. We are on track to do that."

If INAC has worked on the problem for sometime now why were they evacuted just recently and why have people become infected? During the interview, it was clear, he was not answering questions directly and it was quite frustrating hearing his responses. At the end Craig Oliver thanked him for being on the show, to which Scott replied "Oh, it was my pleasure." Oliver then replied "Oh, I don't think it was a pleasure, but you hung in there". Way to go Scott! Thanks for being another example of the incompetence of the Liberal Party of Canada.


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