Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Chretien Holds the Key

Having listened to Jean Chrétien today on CTV and read the summary of the Gomery inquiry I am able to point the finger of blame on a couple of individuals that were guilty of mismanaging tax-payer's money. Nonetheless, it's bittersweet. Anyone who listened to Chrétien’s speech repeatedly heard him say that corruption and mismanagement is common in large governments, that certain top ranking individuals in the government did not know the full extent of what was happening and when they did it was too late. Paul Martin was not mentioned in the report and he was fully exonerated.

However, one thing stood out for me. The only person who can bring down Martin is Chrétien. Martin was his finance minister and was intimately involved and if, say, he did not know exactly what was happening with the sponsorship scandal he is partly to blame for the incompetence of what was happening. For him to be fully exonerated is just pathetic. If Chrétien says tomorrow that Martin was fully involved and knew exactly what was happening at the time it would slowly lead to the beginning of the end for him. There is nothing that directly links him to the sponsorship scandal. As well:

• The opposition is not doing a very good job of depicting Martin as an unscrupulous character. The Conservatives tried to bring the government down a couple of months ago but failed causing Harper to lose face among his MPs. If they want to launch a full attack on his again they must go all the way and be successful. Another round of pointing the finger at Martin with no results is dangerous for Harper.

• The public is not receptive to the allegations thrown around about the sponsorship scandal. They would rather forget about it and get on.

• The NDP do not pose a threat to the Liberals and are apt to pick up any bone that the Liberals throw at them.

If we were to have another election in the spring I believe that the Liberals would probably win a majority. At the moment there isn't anything that would stand in their way. Only Chrétien can sound the alarm against Martin but so far he has not given any indication he is prepared to do so.


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