Friday, March 17, 2006

Lukashenka is a Barbarian

Recently, Radio Free Europe reported on threats made by President Lukashenka. Regarding possible protests during the presidential vote this Sunday March 19, he stated, "God forbid any of those people who were mentioned or not mentioned yesterday should commit any sort of act in our country. We'll twist their heads off as if they were ducklings," Lukashenka said. Reeallly...

The international community have made it clear that they do not believe the elections on Sunday will be free and fair and they anticipate that Lukashenka will come out as the victor. There are, however, rumbling in the background of a possible "Demin Revolution" staged by young Belarus hopefulls. Who knows what will happen in the next couple of days.

Although many countries are predicting a Lukashenka win I am still hopefull that something might happen. I think one way to predict a change in the guard is through the loyality of the commanding forces. If the police, who have been instructed to crush any opposition, trade their loyality to the opposition forces then Lukashenka will leave the stage. This is all being discussed through internal ranks so there is no way of knowing just what will happen on Sunday. As well, if people closest to Lukashenka are contemplating a change there is no way to actually report what they will do. We will see on Sunday what will happen.


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