Friday, March 03, 2006

Ralph Klein is Simply Embarrassing

I recently read that the Premier of Alberta, Ralph Klein, or "King Ralph" as he's known to Albertans, threw a book at a 17 year-old legislative page last week during question period. When asked why he did this he simply responded, "Out of frustration...." The topic of debate was reportedly heated when members of the assembly started talking about the Alberta health care system and future plans for change. Ralph stood up, started speaking, grew frustrated, grabbed the Alberta health care report and threw it at this poor innocent girl. Who knew being an intern for the Alberta Legislature can be hazardous to your health? Eyewitnesses were unable to confirm that the page was actually hit or hurt and no camera footage was available.

I've said this before and I'll say it again. I think it's time for Mr. Klein to step down. Not just because of this incident but other incidents in the recent past that display his lack of self-control, professionalism and integrity. This is what happens when a leader is in power for too long. He grows complacent towards the responsibilities and expectations that come with his seat in office. Citizens of Alberta re-elect Klein over and over again because they're comfortable with familiarity. Albertans are riding the wave of prosperity and wealth and they don't want anything to change. Folks, don't worry! As Jack Layton said during the federal campaign 'the sun will still shine, the water will still flow, there won't be a huge earthquake or a volcano erupting if you vote differently'

Klein stated that he’d step down but only on his terms. Hmmm, reminiscent of Jean Chrétien.... Ralph do us all a favor and do yourself a favor too step down now while you still have popularity because it's never good to overstay your visit. Don't you want to retire somewhere warm and sip on a margarita?

(The picture shows Klein reenacting the motion he used to throw the book at the legislative page)


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